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Monique Charman
IHBC City & Guilds Diploma

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Facial Balance - for congested, oily & combination skin.
Facial Rejuvenate - for dehydrated skin.
Facial Radiance - for dry & stressed skin.

Deep cleanse with orchid milk, toner and exfoliation to brighten the skin tone. Hot towels are placed to gently open up the pores for extraction. A mask is made up for you depending on your skin type on one of the above facials. Then a shoulder, neck and face massage to help you unwind. Moisturiser and replenish eye serum are applied to protect your skin to finish. 29.00


If you play sports or you're going on holiday tinting is great if you want to be make up free! It makes the most of your lashes and brows so you won't need mascara or eyebrow pencil. The results can last 4-6 weeks! 17.00 for both

Eyebrow shape
accentuates the natural brow line by carefully measuring where they should start and finish and gently taking away the straggly hairs left behind. 7.00

Complete Eyes*
tinting both the lash and brow before reshaping the brow line. 19.00

Eye-lash Extensions**
will give you amazingly natural looking lashes!! Individual lashes are placed on top of your own to lengthen and give you a fuller line of luscious lashes! A consultation is essential prior to 'Lashxpert' for suitability of extensions. Prior to treatment an eyelash tint is recommended to colour match your lash line! 53.00

Lashxpert consultation is 28.00 and is redeemed when booking and paying for the full set extension appointment.

Lashxpert infil appointments are from 38.00 to maintain your full set stay luscious!

Eye-lash Perming*
is a fantastic way to open up and accentuate the eyes. Gently curling; straight, medium and shorter length lashes will lift and can even make the eyes appear younger. Using a 5 step process we will tint, perm, fix, nourish and cleanse whilst your eyes are closed. It's so relaxing you may even sleep through it! Waking up you'll have naturally beautiful lashes. A consultation is recommended for the suitability of eyelash perming and eyelash tint treatments. 38.00


Are you bored with applying the same old make -up routine everyday? Or would you like a professional make-up for that special occasion?

Prep and prime the skin with Mac Cosmetics make-up
Cleanse and Professional Make-up 38.00
Bridal make-up including a rehearsal make-up application.* 86.00
Make-up Lesson giving you expert application and advice on cosmetics. 43.00 Group Make-up (four person package). 112.00

Ultimate Blissful package
(2 days to go) Starting with a leg, bikini and under arm wax and gently massaging in a soothing cream. Just relax whilst you sit back and enjoy a Luxury Pedicure to prepare your feet for honeymoon. Let your tension slip away during your full body therapeutic massage. 86.00

(1 day to go) Prepare your hands to be seen with a luxury manicure. Followed by a tailor-made facial to prep the skin for make-up.
A gentle, soft yet warm tanning colour is applied to brighten your body tone. 79.00

Pampering events

Indulge at home*
Girls that lunch or a night in!! We can come to your home and offer tailor made 'mini treatments' such as; facial, manicure, pedicure, indian head massage, eyebrow shape, thai foot massage, reflexology. Back massage and Head, neck & shoulder massage are also available but there will be an extra charge for these treatments.

For you and all of your friends! 24 per person (minimum 5 persons)


works on the principle that the feet are a mirror image of the body. So by stimulating certain pressure points and massaging all the zones on the feet it will enable the body the correct environment to heal itself. Reflexology is great for everybody as it reduces stress, induces relaxation, improves circulation, it cleanses the body of toxins and impurities; it energises and balances the whole system. 33.00

Therapeutic Back Massage
is tailor-made with a blend of aromatic oils to suit the needs of problematic areas. Using movements such as petrissage, kneading, hacking and stretching will help alleviate the toxic- tension that accumulates in the neck, shoulders and lower back region. This helps calm a tense and stressful back. 18.00

Therapeutic Full Body Massage
incorporates the front legs, arms and tummy. Then gently turn you over to finish the massage on the legs, back, neck and shoulders, in light, medium or strong pressure. Your body can fully unwind in the aromatic essences used in this treatment. 33.00

Thai oil body massage
a deep tissue style massage is tailor made with a blend of aromatic oils to suit the needs of problematic areas. The massage incorporates lymph drainage, pressure points and stretching techniques that will help alleviate the toxic tension that accumulates in the neck, shoulders and lower back region. This treatment includes the legs, arms, back and face that will leave you feeling energised yet calm. 53.00

Hot Stone Massage
using basalt stone to help the body heal itself. The stones work on the chakra points to help channel the body's energy. The stones are used as a thermal tool to gently knead out tension without the need of warming the muscles first. 43.00

Lava Shells
is the hottest new eco treatment to reach our shores... Seamless massage of heat and touch. Stress busting treatment that promotes deep relaxation. They feel as beautiful as they look. 43.00

Ayurveda shirodhara - marma point massage
is tailor made with the use of Ayurveda oils to put the balance back into the body's natural healing ability. The Marmas are points in the body where concentrated life force energy is located. This balancing treatment is focused on releasing energy blocks in the body and mind by gently massaging to encourage the vital energy to flow. The shirodhara is offered which is a warm oil to pour softly on the forehead and through your hair to nourish the skin and hair. Due to the nature of the oil you will need to leave it on the hair overnight. 53.00

Reiki / seichem healing
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying of hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. 33.00

Hopi Ear Candling
will relax, refresh and rebalance your mind. It's especially helpful with sinus congestions around ears, nose and throat. These gentle ear candles will draw out impurities that lay deep in the ear thus creating homeostasis and a sense of wellbeing. 25.00

Indian Head Massage
Relieves head, neck and shoulder tension, includes neck, shoulder, scalp and facial massage. This treatment is known to improve circulation and relax you using pressure points and drainage techniques. Can benefit some clients with sinus and headache problems. 25.00

Hands and Feet

Luxury Manicure
a scrub to cleanse, nail filing and cuticle work is carried out before massaging in a sumptuous mask. The aid of gentle heated hand mittens helps the absorption of the products to soften chapped dehydrated skin. A polish of your choice is applied to seal and protect the nails which will encourage nail growth! 21.00

Luxury Pedicure
by soaking and scrubbing the feet first helps the intensive removal of hard skin with a shaving device and Pedi egg system. The nails are cut, filed and the cuticles are pushed back. A mask is then massaged in before adding some heated booties to help put the moisture in. To finish your nails are painted to seal and protect. Your feet will look and feel amazing! 23.00

Thai Foot Massage
a massage of the feet and lower legs. Thai foot massage is both invigorating and deeply relaxing and involves hands on massage, stretching and acupressure to stimulate reflex points. It has elements of shiatsu, reflexology and Chinese massage, incorporated into the treatment. 30.00


Using the Clean and easy system and is brilliant for all areas of the body. For best results exfoliate 24 hours before and depending on hair growth can last up 6 weeks.

  • leg 14.00
  • Full Leg and Bikini 26.00
  • Bikini 11.00
  • Underarm 11.00
  • Brazillian waxing; for a defined bikini line 18.00
  • Hollywood waxing; to be bikini line free 23.00
  • Brow/lip/chin 7.00
  • Forearm 13.00
  • Full arm 18.00
  • Chest 19.00
  • Back 18.00
  • Full leg 18.00
  • leg 15.00

* Patch tests are essential for the following treatments to help avoid allergic reactions; Eye lash perming, tinting and lash extensions.
* Price on application